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Nor, like many hardware makers, do the manufacturers of webcams show much interest in releasing GNU/Linux drivers.That means that many of the drivers that exist are the work of community developers doing reverse engineering, many of whom seem never to have considered standardizing their work with that of others.

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You have several ways of doing so: In the case of the Ricoh R5U870, having DKMS enabled means that the driver can be automatically installed as soon as it is successfully compiled.

Conceivably, you might have to install the driver via a kernel patch, although that should be rare unless you have an older webcam.

In some cases, upgrading to a newer version of a program may suddenly give you support.

If you use DKMS to install a webcam driver, you may find that another peripheral stops working (in my case, it was the wireless card enabled by Ndiswrapper).


In such cases, a Web search on your computer model may turn up information on how to set up the webcam.

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