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It adds this is true of only 19 percent of women, making for quite a gender gap.However, new research suggests that for females, the answer to that question may vary considerably depending upon one’s age.Those in the middle group were dubbed “RE women,” which stands for “reproduction expediting.” (One can only hope that shorthand term seeps into the culture. Controlling for the number of children the women had, or whether they consciously desired to have a child, did not change the results.And where does this urge to, er, expedite arise from?Turns out, the opposite may be true for women on the online dating scene.Numbers culled from various dating sites have consistently shown both sexes prefer to date down the age spectrum rather than up. ), is one of the largest websites and apps designed to help users find their mates, but it works in an unconventional way.They won’t be interested in pumping your ego or making you feel young.

They probably won’t be in “awe” of you and hang on your every word.

“One key design feature of this adaptation is an increased desire and willingness to engage in sexual activity during the period of declining fertility.” The researchers concede their findings may simply reflect the fact older women tend to have more sexual experience, and this leads to their “increasing comfort with sexuality.” But they add that “this alternative explanation cannot account for why, in the present study, menopausal women consistently displayed decreased sexual motivations and behaviors.” So according to Easton and her colleagues, the ticking of the biological clock is loud and clear even in women who have no desire for children (or additional children).

They conclude that, while it may never penetrate the conscious mind, women feel an urge to “facilitate conception before the window of opportunity closes.” Men: You have been notified.

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Be cautious men, these women are looking for you to do it all over again and that means house and children.