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The more fertile and irrigable land in the river bottom was used for raising chile, corn, beans, fruits and vegetables, while the sand hills were used in common for the pasturing of sheep, cattle and horses.Little is recorded of Corrales during the first 150 years of Spanish occupation since it was not on the major trade routes along the river from Santa Fe; even as late as 1870 the census records only 141 households with 687 residents, nearly all of whom were farmers, ranchers or laborers.Several of these families continue to farm in Corrales today.At the end of the 19th century Alejandro Sandoval moved to the village and bought large tracts of land.The first evidence for human occupation of the Corrales area dates to about 500 A. and comes from pit house sites located along the sandy slopes above the valley floor.These pit houses eventually evolved into Indian pueblos with multiple aboveground rooms located closer to the river.The family names found in Spanish archives dating from 1713-1821, when as result of the Mexican Revolution, New Mexico became a province of Mexico, include Gonzáles, Martínez, Baca, Gutiérrez, Armijo, Montoya (Montolla), Silva, Cháves, Perea, Leal, Sánchez, and Martín.

The name remained until 1960 when some determined residents succeeded in having the name changed back to Corrales. In the 20th century Corrales began to see changes to the Spanish farming traditions in the village.Small as it was, though, the community was busy, attending mass at the call of the bell of the little adobe church of San Ysidro and gathering to celebrate the annual fiesta de San Ysidro in May.The flooding of the land, both by irrigation of farmland and by the Rio Grande, established the shape and the patterns of development in Corrales.In the 1920’s the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District (MRGCD) was created to improve the land and control the river floods.In the 1930s and 1940s the land was drained and two new irrigation ditches were added to the Corrales system.

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