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After all we are starting a relationship which is just a bit out of the ordinary but I do not want a masked, leather-wearing worm who does not talk. " Even though my butt still hurt like hell and the cooling cream was still all over it, I hasten to obey. After our first date you gave me the promise not to touch yourself. For me it is the most gentleman-like and thrilling sex position to please a woman." My mind was racing, are we really going to have sex, will she really allowed me to enter her beautiful pussy with my dick.I want a submissive partner but not to turn you into a freak! I am so glad that we both see this the same way." She smiled at me warmly and we had a few seconds of mutual, non-verbal deep understanding. "This will be the first of many times you will serve your queen this way." She blindfolded me and made me lay down on the bed. Her hot, full lips came slowly closer to mine and she gave me a passionate kiss. And don't get nervous if it takes a while." She gave me another kiss and shortly after I could smell the odor and feel the warmth of her holly vagina.How will I change and what other sides does she have? Even though I was sitting in the library everyday and imagining her walking in any second. Actually the idea to be hers and to do what she wanted turned me on incredibly.I got zero done on my thesis but to be honest I could not have cared less. In the afternoon I rushed to her apartment, rang the bell and waited. I kept ringing and waited for ten minutes before I decided to wait in the beer garden nearby.I almost downed a whole beer and had nothing else in mind than to tell Leila of my decision and more important to see her reaction.However also my next attempt was unsuccessful and I walked a couple of times around the block. Sit on my lap and talk about the first thing that pops up? --- This is the third part of the story and even though it can be read alone, I would recommend to read part one and two first --- The next week was probably the most confusing time in my whole life.

Not everything over there is fully functional yet, and the internal links still point to this blog, and will for the indefinite future.I could feel her warm thighs, smell her pussy, taste her sweet juices and see her magnificent body lying shivering on the bed. I pictured the scene of me kneeling in front of her and jerking off under her dark and watchful eyes. Finally she allowed me to come on her magnificent feet. Afterwards I was always a little bit more rational and dismissed the idea to be owned by her as kind of ridiculous.I could feel her slaps and hear her lovely but strict voice when I had stopped pleasing her just for a moment. It was an ongoing debate with myself but deep down I knew that I was going to willingly accept her offer.Come to bed and I apply some cooling cream." I followed her to her room with my head lowered.I was not sad or scared I just had the inner feeling that a lowered head was appropriate for my new position. I lay down on my belly and she softly rubbed the cooling cream on my burning cheeks.

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Sure was I crazy about Leila and sure she was not just amazingly hot but also her whole attitude attracted me. However even though her dominance attracted me, the thought of me being owned by her was still kind of strange for me.

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