10 red flags and other dating secrets teenage christian dating

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10 red flags and other dating secrets

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This is Big Brother mentality gone bonkers.'Another worker said: 'People are decking out the streets and houses in England flags yet the bosses here are being killjoys in the name of political correctness.'The message seems to be from them that we should be embarrassed to wave the England flag.

On its website the organisation says: 'Equality and valuing diversity are central to our organisational values.'We want our workplace to be free of discrimination against any racial or social group, or any individual.

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Mark Perryman, head of the official England supporters club, said: 'Banning the use of any flag is wrong and simply suppresses multiculturalism.'The idea that you can suppress something like this by diktat is ludicrous and incredibly badly thought out.'South Africa is a country with an appalling history - apartheid, famine, Aids, being badly treated by the empire - but everybody is flying the flag of the rainbow nation.

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